Machines in three Dimensions EOOD

  • "AYC-01M"
  • "UCM-05S"
  • "ASC-03K"
  • "CTM-02D"
  • "HCM-02"
  • "APMV-02D"
  • "CFI-04S"
  • "CTL-311S"
  • "SF-04S"
  • "SWM-500RS"
  • "NP-02D"
  • "CCM-05D"
  • "ARTC-01"


Machines in Three Dimensions Ltd. is a Bulgarian engineering company with headquarters and manufacturing operation based in Sofia. It specializes in consulting, automation, technological design and development of equipment for small and large enterprises, including complete automatic lines. M3D Ltd. works primarily with companies affiliated with the Automotive and Aerospace Industries, but it has also developed some projects for other industries as well.

The latest achievements of the company include automating various production processes and equipment for the latter Industries, raising the production quality of world-renown manufacturers of starters and alternators.

Over the past twelve years the engineering and production team of the company has developed and installed a vast array of unique machines, automatic lines and other semi-automatic devices.

A distinct advantage of all machinery produced by M3D Ltd. is the customized approach toward each and every equipment piece created by us. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, new designs and technology consulting are applied, such that the final product satisfies all customer requirements and expectations. Machinery and equipment produced by M3D Ltd. operate in prestigious companies around the globe such as Remy, Prestolite Electric, Bosch, Valeo, Denso and many others.