Machines in three Dimensions EOOD

Machines in Three Dimensions Ltd. was established in 2003. Its main activity is the design and manufacturing of a wide range of automated and semi-automatic machines for production of rotary parts for the Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

We manufacture machines and equipment for both new production as well as for the Rebuilding Industry. M3D Ltd. offers a wide range of automated machinery and equipment, most of which are patented or are in the process of obtaining a patent. The most notable of them include:

- Automatic polishing machine for rotor starters and alternators

- Automatic welding machine for rotors and generator starters

- Innovative technology for welding of rotors and other rotary parts

Technological Developments

The company constantly creates and develops new technology, design and equipment based on patents or Know-How, which are built into our automated products and technological lines.

Engineering Consulting Services

Engineering team M3D Ltd. offers qualified consulting services based on years of technical experience and expertise in the development and manufacture of automated machinery and equipment. These services include the development of projects related to production, automation, quality improvement of the product, reducing the cost of the product to create new or processing and improved automatic lines or entire factories for the production of rotors and other rotating parts of starters and alternators , its construction, manufacturing and testing.


We provide fast and reliable service in warranty and post warranty on all our machines and lines. M3D Ltd. also offers all spare parts and consumables for the proper functioning of equipment offer minimal delivery time.