Machines in three Dimensions EOOD


Apart from its principal production of machinery, the company also accepts external orders for production of mechanical parts, employing the following equipment:

Wire EDM machine ROBOFIL-400

Operating range:

X:400mm / Y:300mm / Z:175mm

Lathe C11 MB500

Operating range:

X:500mm / Ø:220mm

Round Grinding KU 250-04

Operating range:

X:750mm / Ø:220mm

Flat Grinding BLOHM HFS 204

Operating range:

X:400mm / Y:200mm / Z:450mm

Universal Milling UF 251

Operating range:

X:1000mm / Y:300mm / Z:350mm

Universal Milling ACIERA F4

Operating range:

X:400mm / Y:220mm / Z:400mm